Seagrass and Sisal Area Rugs

Natural fiber rugs are popular in our southern climate and have been since antebellum times.  Have you ever wondered what the difference between sisal, seagrass, mountain grass or jute?


This is what most people call any rug made of a “grass”, but it is actually a specific plant fiber.  It comes from the agave plant, but not the same species that makes tequila. In addition to area rugs it is used for twine and cat scratching posts.  Because of its strength it is made into ropes as well.

Sisal can be scratchy, but the look is great.  Some sisal can stain with water more than other grass fibers.


Seagrass comes from the Sedge family of plants grown in the Asia-Pacific region.  The yarns produced by seagrass are non-porous which helps it to resist staining.  The fibers are smooth giving the rugs a smoother texture and sheen.  Many of our clients love their seagrass rugs because they last for years and resist staining.


Mountain grass also comes from the pacific region.  The primary type used for rugs is Hemp.  It is durable and has a non-porous surface so it also resists staining.  Mountain grasses have a rich hue and smooth finish creating a beautiful area rug.


Jute comes from the stalk and is softer than many of the natural fiber rugs. These can be a little less durable than other fibers we covered here, but do hold up well to medium traffic.  Jute originates in India and Bangladesh.


Cleaning sisal can be done by sweeping with a broom or vacuum.  Remove spills by blotting quickly and repeatedly.  Some manufacturers also recommend a HOST or CAPTURE powder system.


We love the natural area rugs we carry.  We buy many of them in bulk so that we can pass the cost savings along to you.  Because they are so popular we carry a good selection of them year round so stop by today to select yours.

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